Filming and Line Production in Nepal: Filming Permit in Nepal

  1. 1. Do you need permit to shoot in Nepal?

Yes, all the people coming with an aim to shoot commercial projects for video or photography, they need to obtain National filming permit in advance. In failure to do so, there might be strong legal consequences and can lead to the legal action from the Government of Nepal. Few individuals might get lucky but if you get caught, it might lead to the confiscation of equipment and footages. It is very simple process and Creative Nepal Films team provide a clear guideline and support for filling permit application stepwise and processing. The first step is to have proper agreement with local production partner which in most cases are the production houses and Line production company in Nepal

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  1. What type of filming permit is required?

Majorly for any filming projects to be executed in Nepal, National filming permit is mandatory. The national filming permit allows you to shoot in all the location as mentioned in the application. The application needs to filled and submitted in advance against which Ministry of Information and Communications will issue a permit document. This needs to present to the authority for the equipment and accessories clearance at the airport.

Similarly, Drone permit is also issued. The application of drone permit will require the clear specification of the drone that will be used. The weight below 2 kg and above 2 kg has different process.  The drone permit needs to be approved by Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Information and Communication. The valid license of drone operator shall be also submitted with application.

Heritage sites permit are issued by the Ministry of heritage and culture. The heritage locations which needs to be shot shall be mentioned in the national permit application based on which they will issue shooting permit. Drone might have limited access to the heritage sites normally to the outskirt’s areas. At the end of the shoot, few clips and raw footages need to submit at the ministry for the documentation process.

For Conservation areas such wild reserves, national park, Himalayas such as Everest, Annapurna, and Machapuchhre, Kanchenjunga etc. the national park authority or Department of conservation issues on-site permit as well. But to avoid any hassle, it is better to get in advance. There is additional cost of specific conservation area. For aerial filming in conservation areas, there is additional permit required with certain limitation of altitude as all of the them are guarded by military barracks.

Any other locations which requires permit are issued and determined by the local municipality. The charges vary as per stated by the respective departments. The local municipality also provides security and assistance if required during the shoot once they have issued the permit.


  1. Time Required for Complete processing of Filming permit application:

For National Filming permit once the completed application is submitted, within 3-5 working days, ministry issues the permit document. They issue permit with the all the details as mentioned in application in Nepali language. They also issue different document for custom clearance with all the list of the equipment and other accessories as mentioned in the application.

For drone permits, it takes minimum of 14 working days as the documents needs to be approved by Ministry of defense and army headquarter. On an average the whole permit can be successfully obtained for Filming and trekking in maximum of 20 working days.

  1. Custom and Equipment clearance in Nepal:

For the clients who are coming with their own set of equipment for filming in Nepal, they would need to produce the equipment clearance certificate and filming permit at the immigration desk in Nepal. The equipment will be verified as per the list. For this temporary export-import code needs to be issued from the Department of internal revenue. The Exim code will be process by our team in creative Nepal films company authority. This needs to be submitted once the completion of filming project and clients return back to their country.

Note: If you are hiring equipment locally, you will not require equipment clearance certificate. But, permit for drone operation is still required which will be process in your local filming partner in Nepal.

  1. Trekking Permit Fee and Tims Card in Nepal:

If filming project is based on the trekking trail such as Annapurna trek to base camp or Everest base camp trek or any other trek in the conservation areas, trekking permit and Tims card is issued by Department of tourism board either in Kathmandu or Pokhara. The permit for every individual in the team shall be issued separately. Nepal films can prearrange and purchase all these trekking permits before your arrival. Without permit there is no access to these trekking routes. There are some places which requires special permit to get access to for e.g.  Nar and Phu Valley in Manang district requires special permit to get access to and charges are additional. These special locations permit are often issued by Ministry of Defense considering the importance of location.


  1. Visa and Immigration in Nepal:

Once you land at Kathmandu international permit and reach the immigration desk, you need to submit the filled immigration card (as given in flight), original passport and 2 passport size recent photo of yours to the reception. After verification they will issue the visa. Please remember you don’t need to get the work visa to shoot small projects and your duration of stay is less than a month. You can apply for tourist visa. You need to pay visa fees as required by the law. Below is the current visa fee structure under tourist section.

Visa Fee Structure
 15 Days – 30 USD
30 Days – 50 USD
90 Days – 125 USD

Note: It is better to have exact change amount. The visa can be obtained electronically as well by following the instruction in link

Once your reach luggage section, one of our team members from creative Nepal films will receive you and will help you with luggage and equipment clearance.

  1. Liaison Officer for filming project in Nepal:

Liaison officer are the government staffs who are appointed from the Ministry of Information and communication once the Filming permit is issued. For each project there are different liaison officer designated. They are responsible to overlook at the whole shoot in terms of adhering to the permit documents. Beside in case of any local department’s officials or person causes any hindrances during the shoot, they are responsible to facilitate the situation. Their daily per Diem needs to be paid from the client side and often negotiable. Our well experience legal filming permit expert can help you with the negotiation on your behalf or else we can put them directly in touch with the client.


Role of Filming permit team of Creative Nepal Films:

We provide complete solution of filming permit. To start with we will give you sample permit application filled form with all the instruction which will help you to fill the form in first attempt successfully. If required we can fill the form on your behalf and you can stamp and sign after checking it. We will appoint the legal expert through which the permit will be processed. All the documentation will be done by creative Nepal films team. To obtain permit one visit to ministry is not enough instead multiple follow up is required which will be done by our team. Once all the permits are issued, we will send you electronic copy. Please have a copy of the permit with you all the time as they might ask one at the immigration desk.

If you are planning to film your project in Nepal and worried about the complete process and guideline to get the permit from the government of Nepal, please feel to write to us at or call at +977 9803432832. For more information please have a look at our website

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