Filming in Nepal New Regulations

Filming in Nepal New Regulations

Filming in Nepal is Open Now: New Regulations for Travelling in Nepal


For last two years, Nepal Filming and Travel industry has been hit hard due to the travel restriction because of COVID-19. Many hotels and resorts were in verge of closing while the film crew in Nepal were really struggling with their income. Many cases of depression were seen and heard of because of the global pandemic. But finally, because of vaccination drive around the globe and proper measures being taken, there is good news for all the travelers and filming professionals as It has opened up from Yesterday. There are still some standard health related precaution measures in places but it is nominal and necessary then what it was before which was mandatory 7 days quarantine at hotel in their own personal expense.

Here are some of the update information translated in English for your perusal. You can download the new filming regulations document from the website of Nepal Film Board and Ministry of Information. Unfortunately, it is in Nepali for the time being and English version will be updated soon. Here are some of the key updates

Process for Travelling in Nepal:

  1. Under the current scenario, the crew coming for Filming or Trekking and climbing must have some agreement with the local registered agency. Locally registered agency are preferred over individual residing in Nepal. The local agency shall submit the agreement and other details of filming crew to the respective departments.
  2. Once the documents are submitted, it will be endorsed by Nepal Tourism board and Ministry of Information for further processing.

Applying for Visa:

  1. The visa can be obtained from the Nepal Embassy or counsellor office from their respective country.
  2. One travelling by air can also obtain the on-arrival visa at the immigration desk of Tribhuvan International airport. For Visa, you will be required to fill immigration card, Original Passport, two passport size photographs. The required fee can be paid on the desk by Cash or Visa/Debit card. Cash is recommended though.
  3. For Filming purpose, tourist visa is applicable if it is short term project i.e. less than 2 months stay in Nepal

Documents required for Filming Visa:

Following documents need to be submitted at the check-in counter at the immigration desk of airport:

  1. Negative PCR report of Last 72 hours i.e. before boarding of the plane from the origin.
  2. Filming permit document issued by the Ministry
  3. Letter of agreement with the local agency
  4. Booking confirmation of the hotel or any provisional arrangements made for the recommendation
  5. The Insurance document for crew for search and evacuation, medical and accidental to be submitted at the check in counter

After Arrival in Nepal:

  1. After entry in Nepal, the crew must get the PCR test again at their own expense from any of the authorized lab in Nepal
  2. Until the result of the test is received, the crew must stay in the hotel as quarantine regulation. The result will take maximum of one day.
  3. The one whose test results come positive must stay in the hotel for next three days and get the PCR done again. The crew needs to stay in the hotel until the result comes negative. They will have to bear their own cost for accommodation.
  4. The one with the negative results can carry with their scheduled plan for Filming in Nepal

Creative Nepal Films has also been struggling lately due to the limited number of projects and many projects put on hold which were supposed to be filmed long time back. We though diversified our portfolio to the domestic clients and also got chance to do remote shooting for few our clients. But, these new regulations have brought happiness and joys among all the team members. And we were lucky enough to line produce new international feature film to be shot in various parts of Nepal in October. Besides, we also got an opportunity to work on our script of short film which we have already shot few scenes. Sometimes hard times can be blessing in disguise.

We provide one stop Filming services in Nepal from obtaining Filming Permit, Custom clearance of the equipment, Logistic arrangements including on-site PCR testing, Filming equipment, Filming crew management, Locations permit and shooting at heritage sites, drone permit. We have a team of Fixers, local producers and post production unit for the best services available in Nepal.

For any further information please write to us at or call +977 9803432832 (available in whatsapp)

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