Suraj Kashyap

Co-founder & Executive Producer

Suraj is experience local producer who have managed multiple international and domestic projects. He co-founded this company with Utpal to provide best filming experience to our clients in Nepal. He specializes in project planning, budgeting, and government liaison and overlooks the logistics planning and execution of the project. He successfully led another production company for last two years. Some of the clients he has worked with are Vice Asia, MBC Middle East, multiple projects of Need a Fixer in Nepal, Google, Standard chartered, ARM investigation etc. Suraj is your first point of contact and recognized as one of the best local producer for Film production services in Nepal.

In addition to Filming, Suraj has passion for farming with priority of promoting sustainable farming practices in Nepal. He also contributes his time to provide management services to local development organization. He is keen on promoting natural herbs of Nepal throughout the globe.